Go Beyond Broome

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The Tucker family know a thing or two about the Kimberley and cruising. For over 35 years we’ve been involved with luxury cruising in the Kimberley. We operate Kimberley cruises with the iconic Great Escape Charter Company. Our new venture, Go Beyond Broome, aims to open up even more exciting opportunities to explore the magic of the Kimberley.

A Day In the Kimberley

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Maybe you’d love a Kimberley adventure but until now you didn’t have the time or budget. Go Beyond Broome is making the Kimberley accessible in a day trip from Broome. Two tours, Go Horizontal Falls and Go Silica Beach let you experience the pristine wilderness and enjoy a little bit of adventure.

Experience Adventure

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Come and join in a small group adventure day tour that let you have a holiday within your holiday. Experience stunning scenic flights, thrilling fast boat rides and ancient Kimberley landscape. Enjoy refreshing swims, beach combing and hear fascinating history. You’ll be amazed what you can see and do in a day.

Style & Comfort

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Less travel. More play. We’ll get you into the Kimberley fast. We have two custom-built fast boats, powered by triple 250-horsepower Yamaha outboards. These were purpose built so you can see the Kimberley in style and comfort. They have been designed for extra stability in sea conditions. Our tours begin with a scenic flight over the Buccaneer Archipelago. From our landing base at Cockatoo Island, we set off into the pristine wilderness of Yampi Sound and Talbot Bay.

A Family Affair

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The Tucker family brothers, Jeremy (Jezza), Steve & Chris (Trippy) with wife Kylie have been operating in marine tourism for over 35 years.  Trippy was one of the pioneering explorers of the Kimberley coast back in the 80's. Collectively they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the venture.

Experienced Local Kimberley Operators

Chris ‘Trippy’ Tucker

Chris loves the ocean. He is a surfer, diver and has raced yachts. Chris became a shipwright by trade and built boats for ten years. He moved to Broome in his early twenties where he was building pearling boats. He spent time as a pearl diver and went on to operate boats as well.  For a time Chris managed a remote barramundi gill-netting business in the remote Kimberley. Here he learnt all about the local waters and the 10-metre tides. His Kimberley marine knowledge and craftsmanship is well known around the Kimberley. Chris holds a private pilot͛s licence.

Jeremy ‘Jezza’ Tucker

Jeremy started out as a cray fisherman. He moved to Broome and worked with Chris in the barramundi fishing business. There he learnt all the local knowledge required to safely navigate and operate in the waters of the Kimberley.  The remote nature of working in the Kimberley lends itself to being mechanically self-sufficient and often creative.  Jeremy is a unique Kimberley character and is renowned for steady problem-solving skills.  He has a keen interest in electronics and has been handling vessels up to 35m most of his life.

Kylie Bartle

Kylie grew up by the sea in Geraldton. She started her career as a chef on board various luxury Kimberley cruises. Eventually, her love of the Kimberley led to the creation of The Great Escape Charter Company with her partner Chris Tucker in 1999. The past 20 years has seen the business grow into one of the most reputable Kimberley cruise companies. Kylie has a passion for Broome and the Kimberley coast. She is excited to be creating one-day adventures to some of her favourite places.